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What Are The Symptoms And Treatments of Alcoholic Liver Disease ?

You must have heard about liver damage. When such condition affects someone then its cause is related to alcohol. This condition is also known as alcoholic hepatitis. Our liver performs around five hundred functions for the sustaining of human life. The first stage of alcoholic liver disease doesn’t show any symptoms, later it shows symptoms like

• Pain or tenderness in the abdominal area

• Chronic fatigue

• Fever

• Jaundice

• Mental confusion

• Sudden weight loss

• Excessive thirst or dry mouth

• Loss of appetite

• Nausea

Fatty liver disease can also occur in the beginning stage of the alcoholic liver disease because alcohol builds up fatty acids in the liver. If the symptoms are noticed in the initial stage then the condition can be reversed. This disorder occurs due to the acute inflammation of the liver. When alcohol enters in the liver it is 80% detoxified then how it damages the liver is not yet known. In western countries, although many people drink alcohol but only 15 to 20% develop this disorder. Why this condition not affects all heavy drinkers is also a subject on debate. Alcoholic liver disease video offers a lot of information about the condition which is extremely beneficial in spreading awareness about the disorder.

• It is considered that if alcohol is taken 60 to 80g per day for 20 years or more in men or 20g in woman can increase the risk of developing alcoholic liver disease.

• Alcohol consumption before and after meal time is also harmful for the body. It increases the risk up to 2.7 times.

• It is found that women are more susceptible to this condition than men. This disorder easily targets women.

• Hepatitis C infection can also cause liver injury and accelerates the risk of developing the disorder.

• Genetic factors are also responsible for the condition. This is also a main reason of targeting only few heavy drinkers.

• Iron over load in the body also raises the risks of alcohol liver disease.

• Malnutrition, deficiency of vitamin A and E can worsen the liver damage. This is particularly an issue of concern because it is noticed that alcohol drinkers are usually malnourished.

The diagnosis of alcohol liver disease involves blood examination, ultrasound, and CT scan. In severe cases liver biopsy is also performed. This procedure is done under local anesthesia by placing a small needle in the liver to obtain a small of piece of tissue. This tissue is examined under microscope in the laboratory. Alcoholic liver disease video is an entertaining method of obtaining information. The information, in this way can be grasped very easily. These videos provide information about the causes, symptoms, and preventions of the conditions.

Various kinds of treatments are available for treating the condition. Diet which is calorie rich, high in protein and vitamin C is recommended. Drugs are also available. When all options fails then liver transplant is performed to increase the quality of life.

For more information related to this please visit : alcoholic liver disease video, medical animation, alcoholic liver disease causes and alcoholic liver disease symptoms

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